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Meet the senior most specialized Ayurveda Doctors virtually via simple Video Calls from any part of the world
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Qualified Ayurveda Doctors

Online appointment with Verified Ayurveda Doctors and specialists from different parts of the world.

Authentic Traditional Treatment

Traditional and ancient methods of approach. Doctors from the roots of Ayurveda Land.

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Round the clock chat support to address all customer queries, appointment booking, and more.

Please Note: All the appointments are scheduled as per NEW YORK (EST- Eastern Standard Timezone). If you are trying to book an appointment from other timezones please use “TIMEZONE CONVERTER” to check your local timing as per mentioned EST times in appointment slots. You may also scan the QR Code on the right from your Mobile Camera to Access the timezone converter.

Featured Vaidya's

Meet top notch Ayurveda specialists
from any part of the world

We recommend you to take the below mentioned Prakriti Quiz & Vikruti Quiz. Scan the QR Code on your mobile camera. Save the quiz results and attach it along with other documents while booking your appointment with the Ayurveda Specialists.

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